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What Makes a Scenario Team Good or the Best?

Posted by {TOT} DirtDiver on June 14, 2011 at 6:49 PM

What Makes a Scenario Team Good or the Best?

Have you ever heard someone say “That team is the best scenario team around?” What makes a scenario team the best? What even makes a scenario team good? These questions are all hard to answer because there are no point systems or ranking system in scenario games. You can’t even base how good a team is on their win and loss record because one side is made up of multiple teams.

My opinion is that people base their opinions on a couple of different factors. Just like in any other sport I think one of the big factors is popularity. How well a team is known plays a big role in people thinking they are the best. In the scenario world you have different teams. You have national, regional, and local teams. You have national teams like Blues Crew, Delta, The Hellions, and Team Desert Edge. These are all teams that most if not all scenario paintballers have heard of. Your regional teams are teams that play within their state or within a couple of states away. If you live within the region these teams play you probably have heard of them. The last is your local teams, and they usually only play games that are at their home field or within a few hours away. So the National teams are the most popular and in return suggested as the better team.

Another factor that I believe plays into people thinking one team is better than another is fire power or size. What is more intimidating than size? If you can bring 20+ player’s under one name to an event, which is a big intimidation factor. I have noticed lately that a lot of teams are merging or become this larger super team. They want the members so they can attend more events and be more intimidating. With the larger team you are also more noticeable on the field, because you can cover more of the field. A kind of spin off from popularity is how many sponsors a team has. Not sure why but some people look at teams and say wow that must be a good team they have a lot of sponsors. Sponsors don’t make a team, especially nowadays where almost anyone can get “sponsored.” I don’t consider getting 10% off merchandise a sponsorship but that is what 80% of the teams get, there is nothing special about getting 10% off. That is for another day and another topic.

So I’ve told you my opinion of what I think some people take into consideration when naming the best scenario teams, and now I want to give you my opinion on what I think makes a good scenario team. First thing I look for in a team is their attitude or what I like to call their heart. Does a team have a good attitude towards other teams, players, referees, or the field? Having heart means you are passionate about something and love it and will stand up for it and treat it right. If you don’t have a good attitude then other teams aren’t going to want to play next to you and generals aren’t going to want you on their side. Having a good attitude is being able to be aggressive but respectful. Players need to have respect for their team, other teams and players, and to the field. Having this will give you a good day of paintball and others a good day.

A good aspect of any team no matter what sport is being well organized and disciplined. This is what I like to refer to as the backbone of the team. Just like the backbone in the body the backbone of the team is what will hold it up and keep it strong. If a team isn’t organized then they are no better than a group of walk-ons, and will crumble when pushed hard enough. A general should be able to rely on a team to do what he sends them to and to not fall apart when trying to accomplish what he sent them to do. A scenario game can be kind of dull at times, but that is when it pays off to be disciplined and do what the general needs you to do no matter how dull it is. The general is looking at the big picture and knows the whole game plan. I also believe that being organized and disciplined you should be able to defeat almost any size opposition in your way.

Second, I think the team needs to be diverse. The team needs to be made up of all different kinds of players like speedballers, woodsballers, and specialists. One of the best things a general can ask for is a diverse team because he knows no matter what he asks them to do they can do it. No matter if he needs them to clear out a patch of woods or go hold a speedball field. A scenario game changes all the time and the general needs to be able to rely on a team no matter what he needs at the time. I’ve heard teams be labeled mission teams, tank teams, or fire support teams and be one of the best in their respected fields, but are only good in those respected fields. What if you are backed up to your base and are unable to run missions, you need that mission team to turn into a fire support team and help hold that line. Similar thing can happen with a fire support team, what if you have a good line, but your mission team is tied up you need that fire support team to run a mission.

All in all I don’t think popularity or size of a team matters. It all depends on the heart and backbone of the team. The next time you are thinking about who is the best scenario team, first think about what makes a good or the best scenario team.

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Reply {TOT} DirtDiver
9:19 PM on June 19, 2011 
You are right TB none of them play a full National season, but play more of a regional season. Also the teams I named are known Nationwide. I hope this might clarify why I referred to them as a National team. I also just named a few, there are plenty more out there. Thanks for stopping by TB.
Reply TB
11:13 AM on June 18, 2011 
Another question is what makes a team a 'National Team' since none of the ones you mentioned are truly 'National'. :)